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Allen CF30DK

Our Allen CF30DK is a 3 manual drawstop organ. It features the Chapel technology and has been used for Concerts at the Barbican Centre, Cadogan Hall and The Lighthouse, Poole. 


A versitile instrument which features both internal and external speakers, the organ also has a d.i. feed to allow it to be connected to a venue's sound system.



Features include:


• Moving Drawstops

• SoundMatrix™ technology offering voices changeable via CD ROM

• Allen DSP tone generation with Quantum™ technology

• Console Controller™ with multiple tunings and other advanced console features

• Acoustic Portrait™, Air Regulator™ and Real Xpression™

• Allen Hymn Player™ (automatically plays over 150 hymns)

• Classical and Full Tremulants

• Fatar keyboards with black piston strips and keycheeks

• 12-Key Transposer; Bass and Melody Couplers

• Bar Graph

• Capture Pistons: 8 Memories for capture action; 10 Generals, 6 Divisionals, Set, Cancel, Recall

• Expression: Great-Positiv-Pedal, Swell, Crescendo


• Allen Ensemble™ Division


The Ensemble unit has additional stops, which gives an Organsist a greater variety

of sounds to choose from.




Classic Allen voicing:



32 Contra Violone

16 Bourdon

16 Principal

16 Bourdon Doux (Sw)

8 Octave

8 Gedackt

4 Super Octave

Mixture IV

16 Bombarde

4 Clarion

Bass Coupler



8 Rohr Bourdon

8 Viole

8 Voix Celeste

4 Flûte

4 Geigen Octave

2 2/3 Nasard

2 Octavin

1 3/5 Tierce Plein-Jeu IV

16 Basson

8 Trompette

8 Hautbois



16 Bourdon Doux (Sw)

8 Viole (Sw)

8 Harmonic Flute

8 Principal

4 Spire Flute

4 Octave

2 Fifteenth

Mixture IV




8 Holz Gedackt

4 Prinzipal

4 Koppel Flöte

2 Oktav

11/3 Quintflöte

Mixture III

8 Krummhorn

Gt-Po Manual Transfer

Melody Coupler



8 Great To Pedal

8 Swell To Pedal

8 Positiv To Pedal

MIDI On Pedal

Swell Unison Off

MIDI On Swell

8 Swell To Great

8 Positiv To Great

MIDI On Great

8 Swell To Positiv

MIDI On Positiv

Swell Tremulant

Great Tremulant

Positiv Tremulant

Tremulants Full

Alternate Tuning

Console Speakers Off

External Speakers Off



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